The Many Benefits of Coffee

Greetings Friends,

I recently read an article that I would like to share with you (see here). If you know me very well, you probably know that I love coffee. It helped me get through those late nights studying during college and dental school and then living in Seattle made me a true coffee lover (I learned it’s not wise to have a triple espresso before working on patients). I used to worry that it might be bad for my health, but more and more science keeps proving that it is in fact a superfood.

Coffee has been show to improve the health of the gums and bone surrounding teeth as well as having antibacterial properties that help keep a balanced flora in the mouth, which prevents decay and gum disease. It also helps our liver function better, boosts metabolism and helps keep our minds sharp as we age. Coffee has been shown to decrease the risk of several cancers, supports psychological help and prevents heart disease and strokes.

I’ve attached a link to the the article below and hope that you find it beneficial. As with everything, keep your coffee consumption in moderation, or else you can suffer from headache, fatigue, irritability and more. I hope you find this as informative as I did.

Photo credit: © dimakp / Fotolia via Science Daily

In Good Health,

Steve Cook, DDS