Tips for finding healthcare providers in your new city

We feel strongly that an individual’s healthcare team should be comprised of providers that you can trust implicitly. The thought of finding new healthcare providers, especially when in a new city, can feel a little daunting. With Austin being the #1 fastest growing city (according to Forbes), a great deal of our new patients are people who have recently moved here. Here are some tips we compiled to hopefully ease your search:

-Utilize your network of family, friends and colleagues in your search – you likely already trust their judgement above anyone else’s! Ask for names of professionals from co-workers, neighborhood events or listserve.

-Drive around your area and walk into an office. Speak with the receptionist. See how the place feels and vibes with you.

-Read reviews on the internet. Check out websites, and look for long-standing offices with many reviews that date back. Beware of offices that have few reviews, or have most of their reviews over a short period of time.

-Schedule a free consultation. Most doctors will give you a free consult before you commit to a full appointment (our office included!). This is not necessarily a visit to receive treatment or services, but a chance to meet the doctor to see if it’s a good match/fit. Finding a good match builds a relationship over many years.

-Go with your gut. You should feel relaxed, comfortable and trusting of the professional you choose. If something feels “off” or you don’t feel as though your needs are being addressed, keep looking. How you feel while in the care of a healthcare professional is of the utmost importance, of course aside from the quality of the work that they do.

Hope these tips are helpful! 

-Dr. Cook & Team

Photo source: ThoughtCatalog